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100% Premium Grade Parboiled Rice

Parboiled rice is the paddy that has been soaked and steamed until cooked. Then it is dehumidify before milling and polishing to get rid of the husk and the bran. With the use of machine technology and the expertise of Thaisaree’s operators, we can produce premium parboiled rice with a variation of colours folowing the market demand. Dark colour parboiled rice has a higher price in general compared to light colour product.

5-50 kg Packing Service

Thaisaree Group 339 offers packing service under the customers’ brands (OEM)

Our Customers

1.Riceland International Co., Ltd.
2.Toumi Food & Product Co., Ltd.
3.Marina Centre Co., Ltd.
4.Kamphaeng Phet Export Co., Ltd
5.Olam Thailand Co., Ltd.
6.Capital Cereals Co., Ltd.
7.Golden Granary Co., Ltd.
8.Most International Co., Ltd.
9.Golden Grain Enterprise Co., Ltd.
10.Paragon Co., Ltd.
11.Ake Rice Mill Co., Ltd.
12.Thai Hua (2511) Co., Ltd.

13.Toumi Intertrade Co., Ltd.
14.Tanasanrice Co., Ltd.
15.Ameritech Group Co., Ltd.
16.Khao C.P. Co., Ltd.
17.Sangfahagriproducts Co., Ltd.
18.Herba Bangkok Co., Ltd.
19.Thanakornruamphon 999 Co., Ltd.
20.W & P Export Co., Ltd.
21.Luxury Village Co., Ltd.
22.Kamolkij Co., Ltd.
23.Ponglarp Co., Ltd.